Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The "Fountain of Youth" is not real........ but it can be!!

Since there is no such thing as the fountain of youth, we have to find ways to keep our youthful appearance. We all know things such as smoking and drinking alcohol can have an adverse affect on out appearance. Not doing those things can help..... but what else are we doing to ensure we remain as youthful as possible? I will begin to explore and share with you the different things I am doing to age gracefully. Its true that some people just have damn good genes, point blank! But for others, staying youthful takes healthy eating, rigorous skin care routines and daily exercise in order to get the results that we want.
Today I wanted to share with you a product I ordered online from  Its called Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and its a mask that can be used on your skin and in your hair.  It can also be used for body wraps, foot soaks, and even insect bites. The clay comes in a jar as a powder and you have to mix it with equal parts vinegar and water.  I tried it on my face and neck. I absolutely loved it!! It made my face feel so tight and refreshed. My pores felt clean. One bit of advice..... It will get VERY tight and crack so once you feel a nice tightness I would suggest washing it off before it feels like a brick! LOL! Also you have to mix in a plastic bowl with plastic utensils. Do not use metal. I usually mix in my bowl where I can use the a lid to seal it so I won't have to mix it every time. I will usually make enough to use twice.
 I am most definitely going to continue to use this product twice a week and see what the results are after using it for a few months. Skincare is a very important part of a youthful appearance mainly because your face is the first thing people see. I want to continue to get those "you don't look your age" comments for years and years to come. If you want to try this product you can go to amazon and search "Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay". I have also saw where it is available on but I cant verify if its the exact same product . If you have tried this product please share your personal experiences (good or bad).
Stay tuned over the summer for blog segments pertaining to staying youthful as you age.  I will be discussing various ways that you can have access to the "fountain of youth" by showing you different products and tips that help you to age gracefully! This is not only for women. Men you can benefit from these products and tips as well :)
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