Wednesday, May 11, 2016

HIV/ AIDS in the ATL....... What's really going on???

A recent news article detailing the HIV/ AIDS epidemic is Atlanta is alarming. Atlanta is being compared to a 3rd world country when it comes to the increasing number of HIV infections attacking Atlanta and the metro area. Click on link to view this story:

Not only is this epidemic scary, but to know that 1:51 people will be infected over a lifetime in the metro area is even scarier. And what does this mean for those who are single and dating. Point blank you have to be careful!!! Casual sex is very dangerous and its time that we start thinking about safety to try and lower the number of HIV infections being spread.
Don't get it twisted, Atlanta is not the only area with high HIV infections so no matter where you reside, safe sex should always be a priority. Another thing that will help decrease the spread of HIV/AIDS is to get tested and to do so regularly. Even if you are currently or think you are in a monogamous relationship, you should still get tested at least twice a year. Its getting to the point where even if you are married, HIV testing should still be part of your routine health physical. Not everyone is faithful and stepping out on your mate can be deadly.
It sounds good to think we can find that ONE person, stay in a relationship, be faithful to one another and not worry about HIV, but the reality is.... that doesn't happen as often as we would like. We need to all be proactive in being educated and educating others about HIV/ AIDS and know what we need to do to prevent the spread of this infection. Point blank... WRAP IT UP!! Each and every time!!! There are no excuses! Be cautious of those who want to have sex without condoms, because that just means they are real comfortable with not doing so .............and you not the first one that person has tried to have unprotected sex  with and you won't be the last. Be serious about your safety!!!!! Get tested!!! Know your status!!!

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