Sunday, March 24, 2013


Sitting here watching reruns of the hit show “The Game”! We know we all LOVED this show (before it moved to BET).  Well I’m watching the episode where Melanie just dropped off a bag of gifts for Derwin and Janay’s baby.  One item in the bag was that darn teddy bear that Janay HATES but is so sentimental to Derwin and Melanie.  Well that starts up a BIG argument in which Derwin and Janay realize that what they are doing is settling.  Derwin looks at it as being responsible and being there for his son, but all and all it’s still settling.  When you choose to be with someone and your heart is with somewhere else, you are settling! Point Blank! No if, ands or buts about it!

            So how many times have we done this in our life? If it’s a relationship, a job, an apartment, whatever……….WHY DO WE SETTLE???  Why can’t we just go for what we want and not settle for less, because in the end you still will be left empty and unsatisfied and sometimes you could even end up in bad situations.  I’ve settled before. In fact, I’ve settled a few times.  And it never turned out good!  At times I feel I am still settling in certain areas of my life!  Sometimes we do settle for a job that’s not fulfilling because we have bills to pay. Understandable….but what are you doing to get out of that slump of a job and into a career that you love? You may live in that neighborhood because it’s affordable but what’s your game plan on moving to an area that you want to live in? 
And lastly when it comes to love and relationships……Why are we settling??? Settling is a choice made from fear. Don’t choose to be in a relationship because you’re afraid to be alone, or because you’re afraid you won’t find someone better. Sometimes we settle because we are afraid that we are not good enough to attract someone who really cares about us and loves us. Why do we keep running back to that cheating mate….knowing if they truly loved you, they would not continue to cheat over and over and over……. And WHY do we choose to be with someone just so we don’t have to be alone?  I don’t know about you, but I know that from this point on I refuse to settle. I refuse to accept less than I know I deserve. I refuse to be “ok” with things that I know are just not right. Ladies and Gentlemen, please stop choosing to settle when you know you are well worth everything that your heart desires. So think about it…..what is it that YOU have been settling for???

Monday, March 18, 2013

Top 10 Relationship Tips for 2013.......

I am a listener of the Michael Baisden show and I'm sure that many of you are too. I enjoy the debates and battle of the sexes. But what I most enjoy are the discussions about relationships because they tend to allow men and women to be honest about how they feel regarding relationships. I am in no way a relationship expert but I do want to be able to make better decisions and have more healthy relationships.


I ran across these tips courtesy of Michael Baisden and I thought these tips were great.  I especially love tip#1 which says to be honest about who you are and what you want ...from day one.  There are too many people (both men and women) who are playing games and to be honest, its just time out for games. I mean are you really going to spend your entire life playing games and never build any type of lasting and concrete relationship with anyone??? So eventually your whole life is about how many hoes you can get or how much money you can get out a dude.  At some point I believe everyone wants to be with that very special someone to call their own. I also believe that #10 is the most important! Master the art of being alone and learn to enjoy your own company. And never love someone more than you love yourself. Once you have achieved that you will choose better people to share your space and your life with. It is so important not to lose yourself to your partner.  Sometimes we start seeing someone and then our life becomes all about them! It happens all the time. It has even happened to me.  Then when you realize it and correct it, it can extend the life of the relationship and you will have a better sense of self.  Check our all 10 tips below.  Hopefully these tips will help to build more successful relationships and allow for more and more "happily ever afters"! :)

 Top 10 Relationship Tips for 2013

Michael Baisden’s Top 10 Relationship Tips for 2013:
1) Be honest about who you are and what you want…from day one!

2) Leave room for growth and change. People grow and relationships change. If the person you lay next to in bed is not someone you can evolve with your relationship will be in a constant state of disintegration.

3) Don’t misinterpret a good friendship for a good relationship. Just because you get along well as friends doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make good life partners. Being compatible sexually, financially, and temperamentally is important and should not be underrated.

4) Communication really is the key! It’s not just about being able to talk but being able to listen. Most importantly, you must be able to talk through disagreements. If you can’t have an argument without always blaming your partner or constantly bringing up the past, the relationship is doomed.

5) Make your relationship a priority. Too often we put our careers, families, and friendships before our loved ones. Of course, there will be times when work requires extra time or friends and family need you, but it should never cause you to become inconsiderate of the most important person in your life.

6) Don’t start something you can’t finish. There’s nothing more frustrating than inconsistency. When you break your routine socially and sexually it creates insecurity and distrust.

7) You must share the same values and lifestyle. Don’t date a spender if you’re a saver; don’t date a couch potato if you’re a fitness freak. Don’t date a non-activist if you’re an activist. You must VALUE the same things and you MUST have similar ways of looking at life, and the world, to have a chance at longevity.

8) Some relationships have seasons. The person who is ideal for you today could be obsolete tomorrow. That may sound cold but it’s true. It doesn’t mean the relationship failed; sometimes you simply outgrow good people.

9) If you’re monogamous, don’t date someone who wants to date and have sex with other people. No amount of love can make you okay with sharing your partner if that’s not who you are.

10) Master the art of being alone and learn to enjoy your own company. And never love someone more than you love yourself. Once you have achieved that you will choose better people to share your space and your life with.

Footnote: Numerology/Astrology is the oldest science in the history of the world. Whether you accept it or not, some signs/birthdays are not compatible. Do your research and discover what so many people have, you can’t go against the universe.

Make today the beginning of the last day you work for someone else. Get your mind right, your body tight, and your circle of friends in order. It’s a war out there and you’ll need all your strength and a strong team to get through the hard times. Now…get up off your ass and let’s do this! Be determined and nothing will stand in your way! ~ Michael Baisden

Monday, March 4, 2013

THEY DID WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!

You look at the calendar and notice it’s your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s birthday coming up. Being that they are your EX and you have moved on and currently in a new relationship….. Should their birthday even matter? After all they are an “EX” for a reason.  Instead you make the conscience choice to send them a gift for their birthday.  Would this be a wise decision especially when you are currently in a relationship with someone else?
Shhhhh!! Dont tell my girlfriend!

 Now don’t get me wrong. I’m cordial with most all my ex-boyfriends.  I have no problem sending a “Happy Birthday” shout -out on Facebook and be amongst the other numerous greetings floating on their page. That’s just me.  But I’m not going out my way to send you a gift, money, card, etc…..   Especially if I’m in a relationship with someone else. That’s just downright disrespectful. (Once again….my opinion)

Woman just finding out her boyfriend sent his ex money for her birthday
So being that this situation was brought to me….. I asked someone I am currently dating if they thought it was ok to send their ex a gift for their birthday when they are currently in another relationship…..They responded “Yes!” I was beyond shocked. So apparently there are a lot of people in relationships who are still gifting their exes!!! Am I the only one who thinks that this is a problem and it’s NOT ok!!! And to top it off my friend continued to say that “as long as the person you with don’t know then it shouldn’t be an issue”.  ***Head in hands*** Really dude!! REALLY!!!!! So not only are you saying it’s okay to be disrespectful, you can throw a little deceit in there as well!  I swear I need to better screen people I get involved with! LOL!!!!

So talk to me……what do you think?? If you in a relationship….should you be sending your ex money, gifts, etc. for their birthday??????...