Thursday, July 17, 2014

Is being a cheerleader for an NFL team all it really seems??

If you are an NFL football fanatic like myself, you tune in every Thurs, Sun and Mon to watch these guys play and you root and cheer for you favorite team! There are the players, the fans, the mascot and then there are the beautiful cheerleaders representing the team! These ladies put in work to cheer the players on and hype up the crowd. These ladies represent the glam side of the NFL, or do they??
After watching Bryant Gumbel Real Sports on HBO, I was taken aback at how NFL cheerleaders are really treated. I have always thought they had the best thing going..... Cheering for an NFL team, making appearances, doing fundraisers, etc. They always seem happy and in control. But control seems to be the last thing they had.
In order to be an NFL cheerleader there are certain requirements you must meet. Sure...every job has "rules" just as this one does. The ladies were required to maintain appearances. Hair had to be a certain way. Make up guidelines had to be followed. Even a guideline to how often the women were required to change their tampon!! Yes.....Blank stare!!
 You have to audition or "try out" for the team. Once selected you sign a contract and you are officially a cheerleader for said team. But is it really all that it seems.  Several ladies have stepped up and filed lawsuits against different teams regarding the low pay they have received.  In most cases the pay averaged $125.00 per home game.  So if you average around 10 home games in a season then you can maybe say before taxes they make $1200 bucks. Keep in mind this is NOT including required workouts, special appearances, photo shoots, practices, etc.  In some cases the ladies are required to provide their own pantyhose and makeup. They are also responsible for paying for salon visits and any other beauty regimens. In some cases the ladies were spending more than they were
making just to be a cheerleader.  One cheerleader even stated that she could make more serving hot dogs and beverages in the concession stands verses being on the field cheering for the team! Even the mascots for teams average $30k- $60k a year.... so why is it that these glamorous women are making such low wages? Is it because in fact that's all they are....... just glamorous specimens? In one lawsuit against the Raiders, it was concluded that the Raiders were exempt from paying its cheerleaders minimum wage, since they are considered “seasonal amusement". Really??!!??  So therefore they are not even worthy of being paid minimum wage!!??!!  What do you think? Should these women be paid more?? Should women rights activist get involved?? Below are a few articles that give a more detailed look into the lawsuits and why these cheerleaders feel they should be paid more!!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Why do we care so much about what others think.....

As I scroll through social media and other various newsfeeds ...... It made me pause and ask the question..... Why do we care about what others think? Does it really matter? If you like your wild, naturally curly hair , why do we  care what the girlfriend who encourages you to "straighten it out" or "slap a perm in it!!" says. If you are successful and happy at your job/career, why so we feel the need to entertain that person who is telling you to do something else or why you work there. If you in a relationship and you are happy, why even be concerned with the people who are on the outside trying to dictate how YOUR relationship should be. I have seen peop,e change decisions, and even life journey based on what someone else suggest what they need to do regarding their life. What I think they don't realize is, the decisions you make and what you do is what you have to live with. Not that other person. I'm so to a point in my life where I appreciate advice, but in the end it's my choice what into with my life. So don't be mad at me for doing what I want to do and not what you think I should do. Why be upset over comments from other people who are just mad over decisions you made for your life. People are going to comment and talk all the time. Don't let that affect you! One thing I just read before writing this blog was how Tamera Mowry was so upset at how people showed so much hatred over her marrying a white man. If she knew this prior would it have affected her decision? It shouldn't but you never know. The point is, she loves him, she is married and happy and I hope she gets to the point where she doesn't care what anyone thinks!
There are three words I'm going to sum up this blog post with.... " Live YOUR Life!!!"
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Are Side Chicks Really Winning??

"Side Chick"....... aka the other woman, mistress....female who is neither the man's wife, girlfriend or significant other who is having relations with the man while he is in a relationship. Just from the definition alone, it seems the side chick has already lost. But there are definitely some females who believe that side chicks are winning and are more prominent in a man's life than even his  wife or girlfriend.  Yeah.....these chicks have some major balls now! My question is....what is it about this man that makes you feel that you would be content with second place just because you are so desperate for a man. Are self-esteem levels so low that you think having a piece of a man is better than having no man at all? These are things that I question when it comes to side chicks. And believe me.....I know a few. They make the side chick life seem so glamorous yet they always seem to be depressed and broken.  That is.....until their "lover" finds a few minutes on lunch to spend with them, to buy them a meal and make plans on when they can hook up for sex.  Are side chicks really winning???
Now don't get me wrong....there are some side chicks that are profiting big with gifts and trips.....but please believe.....if you are an "average" side chick messing with an "average" not getting much. Yeah, you may think that necklace is a nice gift and he is showing that he cares, but trust and believe.....that main chick just got something that will put your little chain to shame.  And while you bragging about the lovely evening you had out on the town, he is planning a trip to Hawaii with his main.  Are side chicks really winning???
I also have to question..... what happens when the side chick starts to catch feelings. Its inevitable. Unless this is what you do for a living.  Do you screen shot text and send them to the main? Do you send suggestive anonymous emails to alert your lovers main chick to his little indiscretions.  Or do you walk away with the little self esteem and pride you have left and begin to make yourself a PRIORITY instead of an OPTION.
But then again....look on the bright side.  Side chicks sometimes (but not often) are able to win the heart and love of their part time lover and even marry them (as we saw on Love & Hip Hop).... but that was a total train wreck because even as the now so called "wife" ..... she was still in the shadows as the side chick. I really felt bad for her..........NOT!!!! LMAO!!!! Oh well.....If all else fails.....get a tattoo so you know its real!!!! Sorry.......Side Chicks are NOT winning!!!!

Side Note: If you think being a side chick is the route you want to
take then here are some tips on How to Be A Side Chick. You may find these helpful! #KnowYourRole Just click on the link below:

Friday, February 14, 2014


Valentine's Day.......the day set aside to celebrate love!! Although we should celebrate love throughout the year, people make a special effort to show their loved ones, significant others, crushes, etc..... how they really feel.  With all the stores displaying the flowers, candy, and other romantic items for this day, does it make you feel that Valentine's is a day to only celebrate the women? I have had female friends tell me that they were not getting their significant other anything for Valentine's Day and suggested that Valentine's is day is specifically for women. My first thought was ...really?? Because I had been pondering over a gift for my significant other and now was thinking Yesssssss!..... I'm off the hook now! I asked my significant other if he thought that Valentine's is just for women. His reply was that he doesn't think men will get upset if they don't receive anything.  In my opinion, I've always viewed Valentine's as a day that is all about expressing love and since men are often the ones who don't express their emotions often, this day is set aside to display all that love stuff and not have to be subjected to ridicule by the guys! The commercials even display countless women being surprised by jewelry and other gifts so is it really our day ladies?
My what you feel in your heart to do. Rather its buying a gift, cooking a special meal, going out for a fun night......its whatever you choose to do. Just make sure that special someone knows how you feel. Not only today......but everyday!!! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!** Don't forget to comment and tell me your thoughts......Is this really a holiday for women or no??**