Thursday, April 7, 2016

Do What Makes YOU Happy!!!

We all have family members, friends, and/or associates who will always give you their opinion concerning YOUR life.  How much do we let the opinion of others influence us? When did we stop doing what makes US happy because we are so afraid of what someone else will say? Why do we base our life on what others think we should or shouldn't do. Its even to the point where we date people based on our homeboys/ girlfriends approval. If our friends don't think that person is acceptable enough, then we don't think they are acceptable. From career choices to where will live........ Why do our friends' opinions carry so much weight?
You may not have even noticed how much you become influenced by others. Have you changed a decision because of a friends' opinion? How did that change affect your life? Would you have been happier if you had went with your first thought before consulting with others? And most importantly....How do you know that your friends or whoever you confide in have your best interest at heart?
There was a point in my life where I was at a crossroads in deciding exactly what I wanted to do as far as a career, I had been to school, had 2 degrees (Bachelors in Business Management and Bachelors in Psychology & Human Services), and was working but it wasn't a "career". That's when I decided to go back to school and get my Masters in Special Education. Yes, I decided I wanted to teach! I received mixed reviews but I didn't let what someone else thought influence my decision. After all, its MY life- not theirs. And I am happy with my decision. I absolutely love teaching!!! I made the best decision for me! The same goes for relationships. No one knows everything that goes on behind closed doors with you and your significant other. Only you know how that person is with you and how they make you feel. Why should you care if someone thinks that is not the right person for you. Yet, there are always the ones that have to voice their opinion regarding who you are with...... but how do you let that affect you? Unless you are in a abusive relationship- others opinions shouldn't even matter. So don't go dumping your significant other over what your friends think!
You should always do what makes you happy, even if it goes against what others feel. It's YOUR life and you have to live with YOUR choices. If your choices are what truly make you happy then go for it!!! Bottom line..... Do what makes YOU happy!!!!